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Aspiring Kitchens & More Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Policy

(a) Personal information means information about a person that can identify that person, such as name, email address, telephone number, bank account details, home address.

(b) ‘The Company’ means BKB Consultants Ltd T/A Aspiring Kitchens.

(c) The Company collects, stores and uses personal information about customers, only as necessary, to provide the Aspiring Kitchens And More services. You acknowledge that this could include passing on your personal information to suppliers and contractors that supply products or services directly to you or through the Company. While we require our contractors and suppliers to have their own privacy policy, we are not responsible to you for any use, or misuse, of your information that is not in our possession or control.

(d) The Company may use customer personal information to monitor, review or audit the quality of the services being provided

(e) We shall not use or disclose personal information in any other way unless notified to you, requested by you or required by law.

(f) You shall have the right to access and correct all personal information, on notice to us, at any time.


2. All information about, or belonging to, the customer or the property that is supplied to the Company, in connection with the products and services, will be entered onto the Company’s customer databases and stored on servers owned or controlled by the Company; and /or may be stored on servers owned by third party software suppliers or independent server hosting organisations; all of which may be located within or outside New Zealand.

3. The Company shall take all reasonable and practicable steps and precautions to back up and protect the confidentiality, privacy and security of all information about the customer.

4. Documents that you provide to us remain your property. Work that we create is our property.

5. We shall return all documents and information owned by you at the conclusion of the contract (or earlier if requested) once all current and accrued amounts due, and charges and fees of third party suppliers have been paid in full to the date of uplift.

6. We will however retain essential customer contact details and job details for the warranty period under your contract.

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